A C E S O is about People, Communities and Business

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About Us

Our communities, both small and large exhibit a sickness regardless of the numerical representation evident in the Dow Jones, Nasdaq S&P etc.

Mission to Empower People

ACESO provides resources, expertise and mentoring which is referred to as the Path to a Healthier Community, and a World!

Building Health Community

ACESO is focused on the health of not just the economy but also our community and world!


What We Do

ACESO is a Greek Goddess of Healing. The ACESO FOUNDATION MISSION is about Healing our COMMUNITIES. COMMUNITIES are more Healthy when Businesses that provide basic services and products are owned, operated or Managed by people in the COMMUNITY.
ACESO FOUNDATION is a resource for Entrepreneurs and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT assisting people to initiate and sustain Business that serves the COMMUNITY and the People in the COMMUNITY.

Tax-Advantaged Impact Investment Strategies

Charitable contributions can be an important part of a financial plan when paired with the right tax-advantaged structures. Our nonprofit offers two advanced impact investment strategies for maximizing tax benefits while increasing your impact

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Council Members

Norm Mayall

Founder/Executive Director
  • Norm Mayall has decades of professional associations with Investment Bankers in the US, Swiss and France. Co-Owner/Operator of real estate portfolio including hotels and multifamily assets. Norm was an educator, and worked as a high-level college administrator.
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Rose Hong

  • Rose Hong is a published author, TV producer and host. She has a distinguished international business and federal government career spanning over 30 years. She also served on a variety of civic and charitable boards including Montero Medical Mission.
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Sanita Raffa Banker

Board of Advisors
  • Architect, Planner, Developer. Founder, CEO of RP Messina LLC. Focus on real estate solutions for affordable housing and adaptive re-use of existing commercial facilities. Former member of Wynn Resorts and Development team under Perlmutter.
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Impact Strategies

Tax Deduction Optimization Strategy

As part of your tax management plan, a charitable contribution (in the form of cash or a range of assets*) is made to our nonprofit, and an immediate tax deduction is granted to you for the full value of your donation. Our nonprofit uses the donation to fund select impact investment activities, with financial returns cycling back to our organization enabling future impact investments.

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